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+  High Quality Scales for your Business or Home is a website that serves the Asia market with high quality weighing scale such as industrial scales and home scales.


We offer a wide range of scales and balances such as weighing scale, digital scale and electronic scale. Our online catalog of scales ranges from analytical scales, counting scales for businesses to high accuracy >kitchen scales for homes and businesses We also have bench scales and even veterinarian scales. Our scales are easy to use and you can choose to display your measurements in Metric or Imperial units. If you are looking for a high quality scale at a reasonable price, Tree® scales is the brand to go for


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Home Weighing Scales


This section has weighing scales for use at home, when travelling or out fishing. We stock a large range of weighing scales such as kitchen scales, bathroom scales, body fat monitors, luggage scales and angling scales.


Digital Scales


We are one of the leading digital scales supplier in Singapore. The Digital Scale Company now offer our extensive range of precise digital scales for sale on the internet at discount prices only matched by our service. Our comprehensive range of digital scales will suite everyones budget.


Electronic Scales


These electronic scales from Tree Scales use the latest technology to offer you the most accurate measurements possible for successful weight management. For those who are looking for highly accurate weight information, then a straightforward electronic scales are the perfect choice.

+  About the company


LW Measurements LLC is based in Santa Rosa, California and markets its own Tree Brand weighing scales with our own unique AnyCAL software, scale designs and tooling. It is now one of the most famous brands in United States of America.


Its founder, Boon Lim has extensive experience in the weighing industry in international marketing, product design, engineering, and manufacturing for 25 years beginning in Columbus Ohio, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and most recently in China before moving California.


LW Measurements Pte. Ltd. serves the Asia market.

Singapore Scale | Weighing Scale | Digital Scale | Electronic Scale